Peter Drucker

“Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice.

Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship.”


Our Vision

We empower entrepreneurs, innovators and change-makers to achieve personal fulfillment creating collective value by solving individual, organizational and societal challenges.

Our Mission

We enable purpose-driven pioneers and organizations to increase impact and growth creating shared value.



Core Value Proposition

We advise, coach and train entrepreneurs and forward-thinking executives to increase impact and growth with

  • Mindset, strategies, structures, skills, systems and practices to

  • Catalyze innovation, accelerate learning, transform culture and effectively collaborate to

  • Holistically elevate entrepreneurial value-creation.

Our custom-curated LEAP toolkit of Lasting Enterprise Action Practices combines

  • Human-centered lean innovation (Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile Methods)

  • Continuous performance improvement and technology expertise

  • Organizational learning and eco-system design

We are highly experienced in large enterprises, small businesses as well as startups

  • We help startups and small businesses to sustainably scale to go fast and far

  • We enable seasoned organizations to innovate like startups, transform culture, engage employees, accelerate learning and holistically elevate entrepreneurial value-creation

  • ​​We orchestrate win-win collaborations between corporates, startups and institutions

SwissLEAP's virtuous cycle of Lasting Enterprise Action Practices - Ecosystem illustration

LEAP with Purpose - Innovate with Impact


How do we work?

We want our clients to “nail it before you scale it”: we focus on enabling you to explore the right “it” before executing “it” right and to continuously evolve and adapt "it".

Our process is structured in 5 modular and iterative steps

  1. Assessment

  2. Advisory

  3. Design & Co-creation

  4. Implementation

  5. Coaching & Mentoring

We challenge, collaborate and co-create in a custom-tailored combination of:

  • In-presence and remote formats

  • Retained services and

  • On-demand assignments

We have an abundance mindset and strong values:

  • We collaborate with respect, humility, commitment and integrity

  • We care, are dedicated, diligent and reliable

  • We get results and create win-wins



Why work with us?

SwissLEAP's managing director and founder, Oliver Durrer, a Swiss global citizen and enthusiastic "entrepreneurial dual citizen" (as entrepreneur and intrapreneur), has a uniquely broad range of experience and expertise across many ... 
  • Sectors and geographies : FMCG, Health, ICT, Education, E-Commerce - Europe, Southeast Asia and the Silicon Valley

  • Technologies and functions: EdTech, FoodTech, Blockchain - Strategy, (digital) marketing, sales & business development, general management, transformation, change and innovation

  • Organization types: startups, small businesses (including family businesses) and large multinational enterprises like IBM and Nestlé as well as cooperatives like Migros

Depending on specific project scope and requirements, we custom-assemble and mobilize our like-minded global tribe, comprised of ...
  • Enthusiastic dreamers and doers, challengers and change-makers full of energy

  • Entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, innovators, growth hackers - all experts in their fields

  • Productivity aficionados and life-long learners with passion for growth and development

We believe fast learning is a key success factor for lasting value-creation, as learning

fuels development and growth, individually as well as on an organizational level.

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