“Be in love with the problem. Not with your solution.”

Ash Maurya


We love to turn challenges into opportunities - together with our clients

Our objective is to be the leader in innovation, sustainably over time.

Beyond structuring innovation processes, we want to promote employee entrepreneurship.

The challenge is one of corporate culture." 

Executive Board Leader, Global Leader in FMCG

"Even though our numbers are currently looking better again, there is still very high uncertainty.

Unfortunately, there is not enough collaboration with other markets about learnings and sharing the practices which produce the good results.

Online revenue increase has compensated some of the recent decline in retail. Still, it remains an important challenge to seize the full potential of e-commerce and digital transformation."

Head of HR, Global Leader in Sporting Goods

“We want to drive faster customer and revenue growth. We need our marketing, sales and tech teams collaborate more effectively to develop a truly great product and outstanding  customer experience.

Startup CEO and Co-Founder



ENTERPRISE EVOLUTION: Intrapreneurship, Lean Innovation and Learning for Impact


Business Ecosystem Design & Development 

What playground to build: we partner with boards and senior leaders to build and shape organizations as evolving ecosystems of entrepreneurship, innovation & learning.

Where to play: together, we evaluate and prioritize new market & growth opportunities, using the Market Opportunity Navigator to “look before you leap”, build strategy and plan from idea to impact. 


High Impact Team & Innovation Culture 

Mentoring & Training in  Intrapreneurship & Lean-Agile Innovation Practices

How to play: Lasting Enterprise Action Practices (LEAP) blend enterprise operational excellence with the organizational speed, learning and innovation excellence of startups.

“Nail it while you scale it”: use design thinking, lean startup and other agile methods to solve business challenges with fast results and sustainable success. Drive collaboration and change.


Leadership Coaching & Talent Development

How to lead and thrive: We mentor intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs to navigate uncertainty and lead change with compassion and relentless resourcefulness.

Signature SwissLEAP Speed Sparring Sessions

Individual or Group Sparring Sessions - Advisory, Coaching & Mentoring


Business Coaching and Mentoring in Organizational & Business Excellence

Where to play: together, we evaluate and prioritize new market & growth opportunities, using the Market Opportunity Navigator to “look before you leap”. 

Value proposition, business model design and lean start-up and scale-up: to ensure and maintain desirability, feasibility and viability from problem-solution to product-market-fit.

BUSINESS COACHING: for Startups and SME - from Start-up to Scale-up 

ECOSYSTEM BUILDING: Corporate - Startup - Academia


Corporate - Startup - Academia - Connecting & Collaboration Coaching

Clarify goals, search criteria and "success": together, we optimize for desired outcomes

Design the "interface": measure what matters for a mutually successful collaboration

Innovate with impact: potentialize your relative strengths and exploit synergies  

TRAINING: Intrapreneurship & Lean Innovation Introduction Course (in German)


forward-thinking executives and changemakers

Blended Online Interactive Training in Intrapreneurship and Lean Innovation

Effective blended learning combining multimedia online tutorials with interactive coaching 

Applied to your specific business challenge 

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