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A diverse team with a woman and two men working together


“Be in love with the problem,
not with your solution.”

Ash Maurya



We love to turn our client's challenges into opportunities

More clarity

Together we create strategic clarity and reduce risk to navigate uncertainty​.​

More capacity

We help you free up your most precious resources as a leader, to do what you do and enjoy best - and what matters most to you.

Master your challenges in strategy and innovation

Build capabilities and a culture of innovation and intrapreneurship

Our programs help simultaneously solve your core challenges, upskill your people and build an entrepreneurial culture of innovation, learning and collaboration in your organization. 

While your teams learn to innovate with impact, we get the job(s) done together.

Together, we unleash the full potential, purpose and passion of your people.

Transform your organization to evolve and thrive in times of change

Together, we evolve your organization into an ever-evolving entrepreneurial eco-system, which combines the speed and organizational agility of startups with the stability and operational excellence of enterprises.

We incubate and accelerate corporate ventures and establish win-win-win collaborations between startups, enterprises and academic educational institutions.



Organization, People & Practices Development


Strategy Advisory and Business Building

We partner with boards and senior leaders to build and shape organizations as ever-evolving ecosystems of entrepreneurship, innovation & learning.

Together, we gain strategic clarity, identify and evaluate new market & growth opportunities. We 'look before we leap' and then leap from idea - to insight - to impact. 


Practices & People Development: Innovation Capabilities & Learning Culture

Mentoring & Training in Intrapreneurship & Lean Innovation Practices

Lasting Enterprise Action Practices (LEAP) blend enterprise operational excellence and stability with the speed and learning agility of startups.

“Nail it while you scale it”: applying our Innovation Diamond framework, infused with design thinking, lean startup and other agile methods to solve business challenges with fast results and sustainable success - sparking collaboration, co-creation and change.


Executive / Leadership Coaching & Talent Development

We mentor intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs to navigate uncertainty and lead change collaboratively, with compassion & courage, relentless resourcefulness & resilience.

SwissLEAP Sparring Sessions

Individual or Group Sparring Sessions - Advisory, Coaching & Mentoring

Business Coaching in Organizational & Operational Excellence

Where to play: together, we evaluate and prioritize new market & growth opportunities, using the Market Opportunity Navigator Framework to “look before you leap”. 

Value proposition design, product / service and business model innovation, lean start-up

To ensure and maintain desirability, feasibility and viability from problem-solution-fit via message-market-fit to product-market-fit.



Corporate - Startup - Investors - Academia

Connecting & Collaboration Coaching

Clarify goals, search criteria and "success": together, we optimize for desired outcomes

Design the "interface": measure what matters for a mutually successful collaboration

Innovate with impact: potentialize your relative strengths and exploit synergies  


leaders, movers and shakers

Blended learning: online course combined with custom-tailored coaching and mentoring 

Hands-on: applied to your core challenges 

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