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"It’s not the strongest of species that survives nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed."

Charles Darwin



Lasting Enterprise Action Practices

We empower purpose-driven professionals to scale and transform enterprises for lasting impact. We helping to gain and maintain focus and internal alignment, reduce risk, accelerate customer-centric learning, improve execution and value-creation.

Our LEAP framework of Lasting Enterprise Action Practices combines lean innovation, holistic performance improvement and organizational learning. 

Foster a virtuous cycle of value, combining the best proven practices of

  • Large enterprises to “execute” efficiently

  • Successful startups to “explore” effectively

  • Learning organizations’ to “evolve” continuously

“Execute” efficiently to increase core business performance and achieve

  • Strategic and operational business excellence

  • Process and financial performance enhancement

  • Productivity gains to fuel innovation, create new growth and driving the virtuous cycle

“Explore” new business and grow effectively 

  • Apply proven startup practices, like design thinking, agile and scientific lean startup methods for customer-centric lean innovation & problem-solving

  • Use creativity, empathy and experiments for data-driven evidence to “build-measure-learn”  for a desirable value-proposition and a scalable business model design

  • Transform through technology - specifically Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) or Blockchain - for new as well as core business

“Evolve” continuously, leading, engaging and empowering people with

  • An inspiring, aligned and shared vision and values 

  • Growth-mindset, entrepreneurial skills, tools, and systems supported by technology

  • A learning culture of collaboration, experimentation and continuous improvement



Some Challenges we help to solve

How can we reach more internal buy-in for our vision and more impactfully communicate it externally? How can our marketing drive customer and revenue growth faster? How can marketing and tech collaborate effectively to  develop the best product?”

Startup Co-Founder & CEO

“We want to increase the contribution of innovation to our business unit. 


How can we get a better success-rate of innovations? How can we maximize ROI and minimize cannibalization? With which structure? Should we set up an innovation team in my BU or push for a central corporate innovation unit? ”

Enterprise Business Unit Director

“We explore new business models and technologies to meet changing consumer needs. Our senior management wants to see revenue and profits faster.


How can we accelerate innovation results? How to align our objectives and metrics with the core business? Can we help our core business to grow at the same time we are exploring new business? How can we focus our resources?”

Head of Corporate Innovation Unit

“It’s challenging to deliver the right learning & development content in the right format on time and on budget. Especially since our budget is often one of the first ones to get cut. 


How can I make sure we get the resources my team needs to deliver? What metrics can I use to show that our L&D contributes to the strategic objectives and results of the entire group?”

Human Resources  Executive for L&D 



Our Process is Structured in 5 Modular Steps

Workshop Sample Content

  1. Assessment

  2. Tailored recommendation

  3. Design & Co-creation

  4. Implementation

  5. Coaching & Mentoring


Corporate Innovation, Growth and Transformation

  • Corporate Entrepreneurship - strategy, setup, launch and roll-out

  • Lean Innovation - strategy, structure, setup and roll-out

  • Core Business Transformation - people, practices, systems and technology

Start-up to Scale-up

  • Value proposition and business model design

  • Ensure desirability, feasibility and viability from problem-solution to product-market-fit

  • Growth marketing strategy and plan

Win-Win Corporate - Startup Innovation Collaboration

  • Defining mutual goals and metrics

  • Designing the interface 

  • Matching and coaching

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