“Be in love with the problem. Not with your solution.”

Ash Maurya


Our Clients

We work with large enterprises, small businesses as well as startups

We accompany startups and small businesses to sustainably scale from idea to impact.

We enable large organizations to engage and empower entrepreneurial employees, transform culture, build bolder, learn faster and work smarter to create shared value.

​​We orchestrate win-win collaborations between corporates, startups and institutions.


Scope of mandates


  • Corporate startup and digital portfolio extension

  • Corporate entrepreneurship,  lean innovation

  • Learning organization transformation


  • Business strategy, market-network platform model and business plan

  • Marketing strategy, sales-funnel and communication plan

  • Customer-centric organizational learning and streamlined processes


  • InnoLab strategy and setup

  • Blockchain technology exploration

  • Executive innovation and change management coaching


  • Business  purpose and vision - “start with why”

  • Lean startup, design thinking and insights generation

  • Executive advisory and coaching

Academy for



  • Corporate lean innovation mentoring

  • Corporate entrepreneurship coaching 

  • Blended learning product and marketing

22 tribes

  • Executive coaching

  • Strategy mastermind

  • Learning innovation


  • Business  purpose and vision - “start with why”

  • Lean startup and design thinking training

  • Executive advisory and coaching




Andrea Ming

Director Club Schools and Leisure Parks, Federation of Migros Cooperatives

“SwissLEAP have been instrumental in paving the way for our transformation. Re-igniting our shared team and brand vision, they drove our digital portfolio extension with new business models, instilled the lean startup and corporate entrepreneurship spirit and connected us with promising startups.”


Ursula Brunner

Head of InnoLab Migros Club School, Federation of Migros Cooperatives 

“SwissLEAP is a valued sparring partner for topics related to innovation, especially for establishing an innovation team and exploring new business opportunities. Oliver has a great deal of experience in Corporate Entrepreneurship and Business growth and a strong expertise in education. He provides us with a valuable external perspective and new learnings.“ 


Richard Maaghul

Co-Founder and CEO,

"SwissLEAP have done an outstanding job

  • Building out our business strategy, developing our business model, business plan and investor pitch deck

  • Devising and rolling out a comprehensive marketing strategy, sales funnel and communication plan targeting all our key audiences

  • Building strategic partnerships with key players in education

We mandated Oliver as Chief Marketing Officer and coach for ODEM to help bring our marketing and product to the next level, gearing up to our launch. He helped create a lot of value across our organization. Passionately sharing and contributing to our vision, mission and values, Oliver was driving enhanced customer-centricity and organizational learning, streamlining processes and aligning execution with pragmatic metrics and an effective strategy.”


Julien Vondra

Co-Founder and CEO, Pariter

“SwissLEAP helped us get clarity, sharpen our “why”, “how” and “what”  and strengthen our strategy. The customer-focused innovation methods we learn to apply are invaluable for us to reduce risk by validating our assumptions and to learn as an organization early on.”

22 Tribes

Björn Uehss

Owner and CEO, 22Tribes

“SwissLEAP combine strong strategy acumen with pragmatic and impactful execution. Our executive coachings and mastermind sessions are always highly insightful and actionable.”


Thomas Bürki

Co-Founder and CEO, DigiMeals Ltd

“Oliver Durrer is a problem-solver, an inspiring mentor and a brilliant lean startup enthusiast. He knows how to address the day-to-day challenges of a small new business as much as he can navigate complex corporate environments. He combines innovation, pragmatic execution and rigorous lean startup methodology into a winning strategy. Working with Oliver is a tremendous pleasure, a wonderful learning experience and very inspiring. Looking forward to continuing our exciting cooperation!”

Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship

Jan Kennedy

Founder and CEO, Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship

“Oliver is one of the earliest corporate entrepreneurship mentors and supporters of AfCE. His combined experience in small businesses as well as large matrix organisations, having built and scaled corporate startups in different sectors, is a strong asset for effective innovation coaching. Oliver has mentored intrapreneur teams from various industries from companies like Bayer, Allianz and GfK, who greatly appreciated his strategic and pragmatic guidance from ideation to scale.”




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