“SwissLEAP have been instrumental in paving the way for our transformation. Re-igniting our shared team and brand vision, they drove our digital portfolio extension with new business models, instilled the lean startup and corporate entrepreneurship spirit and connected us with promising startups.”

Andrea Ming

Director Migros Club Schools 

Federation of Migros Cooperatives



We believe in entrepreneurship and innovation for impact: life-long learning, compassion, connection and creative collaboration combined with technology, to foster freedom, fulfillment and prosperity for people, organizations and the planet.


On our mission to catalyze the potential of pioneers, we empower individuals to liberate their full potential, enable teams to lead change navigating uncertainty, and elevate organizations to learn, evolve and innovate from idea to impact.

Together, we foster the holistic development of organizations, people and practices to create sustainable shared value.

Our product portfolio includes:


  • Business Ecosystem Design and Development for Learning, Evolution and Impact

  • Intrapreneurship, Learning & Collaboration Culture with Lean Innovation Practices

  • Strategy and Leadership Advisory, Mentoring and Business Coaching



Oliver Durrer, Founder
A Swiss global citizen, epicurean explorer loving life and learning, I am passionate about people, tech, lean innovation and social impact. 
I am on a mission to empower purpose-driven pioneers to unleash their full potential. 

My 20 years experience as an intrapreneur and entrepreneur cover Europe, Southeast Asia and the Silicon Valley, with large corporations such as Nestlé and Migros, as well as SMB and tech startups.

For Migros Club School, Switzerland’s biggest private vocational education institution, my team and I launched, scaled and integrated a corporate EdTech startup and built the InnoLab.

At Nestlé, I held marketing, sales and business leadership roles for a decade, contributing to Nescafé Dolce Gusto’s record growth, launching Nestlé Myanmar Ltd, and leading multicultural teams to award-winning performance.

I hold a lic. oec. HEC (MSc) in Business Management from Lausanne University, Switzerland.

A certified lean innovation coach and market opportunity navigator, I lecture intrapreneurship and innovation at HWZ Zurich Business School's Executive MBA in Digital Leadership. 

A fan of foreign cultures and languages, I enjoy connecting with people in (Swiss-)German, English, French, Italian & Spanish. Let's connect on LinkedIn or Twitter.


from Idea to Impact

​Our Lasting Enterprise Action Practices (LEAP) combine the business excellence and stability of successful enterprises with the speed and agility of lean startups to build effective, efficient and ever evolving learning organizations.

Focus on Execute

“Execute” your core business efficiently

  • Strategic and operational business excellence

  • Process and financial performance

  • Productivity gains to fuel innovation

Focus on Explore

“Explore” new value opportunities effectively

  • Proven startup practices, such as design thinking, agile and scientific lean startup 

  • Creativity, empathy and experiments for data-driven evidence to “build-measure-learn” 

  • Use of cutting-edge technology

Focus on Evolve

“Evolve” and keep learning to thrive in change

  • Servant leadership with an inspiring purpose and vision

  • Growth-mindset, entrepreneurial skills, tools, and systems supported by technology

  • Culture of learning, collaboration, experimentation and continuous improvement

Our Partner Ecosystem
Depending on specific mandate scope and requirements, we join forces with our like-minded global tribe of experienced subject matter masters and life-long learners.
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At SwissLEAP, we want to make sure “you nail it before you scale it”, while empowering you do so independently. We collaborate with our clients on first "finding the right things to do", before "doing things right", to successfully and sustainably solve their specific challenges. 

We work with our clients and their stakeholders in a holistic and inclusive way

  • We understand the challenge that, with any change, many stakeholders are impacted across functions, organizational units as well as in the external environment.

  • In our experience, aligned purpose, vision and values, combined with clear goals and roles in a structured iterative process, are essential for continuous progress.

  • We facilitate this for all stakeholders by fostering a win-win environment of co-creation, innovation, learning and development.

We empower our clients

  • Beyond advising on and co-creating organizational design, development and strategy, we also train, coach and mentor our clients, developing them throughout the collaboration. 

  • We transfer the mindset, skillset and toolset to continuously evolve and thrive.

  • This is how we catalyze our clients’ full potential to lead change, navigate uncertainty and innovate with impact to create shared value - independently from external support.

Our advisory, coaching, mentoring and training approach in 3 modular iterative steps


1. AIM

  • Holistic assessment of the specific situation

  • ​Highlight key challenges and action areas

2. LEAP​

  • Co-create, design and run experiments to test solutions

  • Measure, learn, adjust and iterate based on insights to de-risk and build on what works


  • Setup, implement effective measures based on evidence

  • Roll-out, scale-up and repeat the learning cycle at scale

We collaborate together in a combination of

  • Remote and in-presence sessions

  • Retained services over longer periods

  • On-demand ad hoc assignments

Abundance mindset and strong values

  • We collaborate with respect, humility, commitment and integrity

  • We care, are dedicated, diligent and reliable

  • We get results and create win-wins

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