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We believe in entrepreneurship, innovation and technology for impact - to foster sustainable health, fulfillment and prosperity - for people and the planet.

Our Value Propostion


We catalyze the potential and purpose of pioneers.

Together, we create sustainable shared value.

As advisor, business coach and innovation mentor, we develop organizations, people and practices, to create strategic clarity, navigate uncertainty, evolve and innovate with impact.

Our solutions include

Where to play?

​​Strategy & Leadership Advisory

Executive & Business Coaching

How to win-win?

Lean Innovation Mentoring

Entrepreneurship Culture Creation

Which playing field to build? 

​Learning Organization Development

Business Ecosystem & Venture Building



Combining advisory, individual & team coaching, with organisational design, we ...

  • Fuel learning, leadership and collaboration, while solving key challenges

  • Build high-impact teams of intrapreneurs, creating a culture of innovation

  • Shape organizations into ambidextrous, evolving and learning ecosystems, blending the speed and agility of lean startups with the stability of enterprises

... LEAP from Insight to Innovation with Impact

​Our 'Lasting Enterprise Action Practices (LEAP) combine the operational excellence and stability of successful enterprises with the speed and organizational learning agility of lean startups, to build evolving ecosystems.


We work with Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs, Institutions, Enterprises, SMB, Start-ups and Scale-ups

  • We enable large organizations to evolve, empower people with intrapreneurship and learning practices, creating a culture of innovation and sustainable shared value

  • We accompany start-ups, scale-ups and SMBs to successfully and sustainably scale from idea to impact

  • ​​We build ecosystems for win-win collaborations between corporates, startups, institutions and investors

We empower, enable and elevate

  • Beyond co-creating organizational development and strategy, we train, coach and mentor our clients, upskilling them throug our collaboration, while simultaneously solving key strategic and operational challenges together

  • Mindset, skillset and toolset transfer to evolve and thrive in change - on the individual and organizational level

  • This is how we catalyze the potential of pioneers to lead change, navigate uncertainty and innovate with impact

Our mindset and values

  • We connect, collaborate and co-create with curiosity, courage and creativity

  • We aim to combine fun with fulfillment and problem-solving with learning

  • We aim to create win-wins and to make a real difference

Contact us and let's find out how we can create shared value together
+41 (0) 76 385 15 39  
Pilatusweg 4
CH–6374 Buochs
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