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Catalyzing the Potential of Pioneers to Create Shared Value

What we do

We assist leaders, teams and organizations to navigate uncertainty, lead change and innovate from idea to impact.

As trusted advisor, coach and mentor, we co-pilot holistic development of organizations, people and practices.

  • Enable organizational evolution

  • Empower intrapreneurship, innovation, learning and the use of cutting-edge technology

  • Create lasting shared value with the agility of lean startups and the stability of large enterprises


What our clients say

“SwissLEAP has been instrumental in paving the way for our transformation: re-igniting our shared team and brand vision, they drove our digital portfolio extension with new business models, instilled the lean startup and corporate entrepreneurship spirit and connected us with promising startups.”
Andrea Ming
Director of Migros Club School
Federation of Migros Cooperatives

What inspires us

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